An Australian shopper found a racist sticker on her jar of Vegemite after she'd purchased it from a Coles supermarket.

Twitter user Aggie, from Australia, posted on Saturday that she had shopped at Coles in Noosa and didn't even notice the label on the jar until after she'd arrived home.

"We innocently shopped at Coles today, bought our Vegemite, as Aussies do & got home to discover this disgusting sticker on the jar. Racism is very much alive and well," the Twitter user posted along with a photo of the jar as well as the receipt from the store.

"I am so ashamed by our pollies who encourage white nationalism. We are multicultural - let's be proud of it."


Twitter users were quick to express their disappointment over the find.

"What will they do when they work out air is halal?" someone wondered.

"It is also kosher. But racists don't pick on the powerful," someone else said.

The tweet was posted on the same day Australian politician Fraser Anning was involved in an ugly altercation with a teenager at a speaking event in Melbourne.

Anning, who blamed the Christchurch terror attack on New Zealand's immigration policies, was egged by the teenager who has been praised for his act online.

The shocked senator turned towards the teenager and slapped at him with an open hand in the face. He lashed out at the teen a second time as the pair were separated.