Peanut butter — people can't get enough of it. But chances are, you're storing it all wrong.

As any true PB fan will know, the oil from the nut always separates and sits on top, meaning every time you want to tuck into your fave nutty spread you have to painstakingly stir it back together,

But now a food blogger has shared a hack that will banish that annoyance for good — and it's so simple, you'll kick yourself for not thinking of it first.

According to the mastermind behind Pure Wow, the answer is storing the jar upside down, reports.


She explained the technique in a mind-blowing post: "Here's why. Assuming you're eating natural peanut butter, you've probably noticed that the oil has a tendency to settle on the top, and requires a hearty stir each time you uncap.

"Store that puppy upside down and the oils will evenly distribute all the way through, every single time."

The technique isn't a surprise for everyone though, with the handy trick being shared on Twitter for a while.

Now the secret's out, we're sure pantry's across the world are going to be changed forever.