ASOS has done it again.

The online retailer were recently slammed for their "horrific" $25 crotchless pants debacle that left customers gobsmacked.

Now they've incurred the wrath of the internet for the second time after posting a pair of completely impractical see-through pants for sale, reports.

The garment under fire are designed by Flounce London, and described as "sheer organza combat pants in white", of course.


Not only are the pants see-through, leaving nothing to the imagination, they are also ridiculously priced.

The pants that barely cover your caboose will cost you $80. Yup, 80 clams.

Described on the site as "wafer-thin and sheer as you like" the material is made from 100 per cent polyester β€” so please avoid all open flames if you decide to don these beauties.

To top off this absolute *lewk*, the model in these catalogue shots is also wearing an equally ridiculous turtle-necked bodysuit with the highest leg holes we've ever seen.

According to ASOS, "some days call for a little extra".

Our thoughts exactly, ASOS. So why not add a little extra material and cover up those bum cheeks?

Despite the lack of modesty, there's still a whole lot going on with these pants.

The product details outline the "high-rise waist, tie waist, cargo pockets and fitted cuffs" added to make them just that bit more special.

People were quick to jump on the pants (not in them) for their impracticality.

One person said you "may as well wear cling film".

Jess Burgess posted a photo of the pants after browsing through the ASOS site, claiming there's no way she'd be caught dead in the non-pants.