A simple wave was all it took for one Brisbane man to go to great lengths to find the "beautiful" woman he spotted driving along the highway.

Ashley Day was driving along the M1 at the Gold Coast last Monday when he peered through the window of a black Ford Fiesta and saw the potential love of his life behind the wheel.

The 21-year-old described the woman as "very beautiful" and said they waved at each other a few times but she took an exit before he had a chance to get her details.

Heartbroken, he took to Facebook in the desperate hope that social media users would be able to help him track down his dream girl.


"This is a very strange post but today while driving home on the M1 northbound I saw a very beautiful girl in a black Ford Fiesta," Mr Day wrote on a Gold Coast community page.

"We waved back and forth a few times but unfortunately she took the Helensvale exit and I missed my chance to try and get some details off her."

He then asked the mystery woman to message him if she saw the post or for anyone who thinks they might know her to do the same.

"She was blonde and had a very pretty face, that and a black fiesta is about as much description I can give," he wrote.

Ashley Day's message to everyone searching for his motorway Juliette. Photo / Supplied
Ashley Day's message to everyone searching for his motorway Juliette. Photo / Supplied

Mr Day told the Gold Coast Bulletin that he wouldn't normally make a public post like this but he was so enamoured by the mystery girl he had to try.

"It's not something I normally do but we were driving along and I looked over and saw a blonde girl driving and I was just thinking that she is super pretty," he said.

"Then she looked up at me and her face just blew me away! So I waved at her."

Though he hasn't had any luck yet in finding her, he told the publication that he would love to take her on a date to dinner and the movies and would treat her like a gentleman.

People were very supportive of Mr Day's post, wishing him luck in finding his dream woman.

"Oh god I love this sort of stuff, good luck," one person wrote.

Another said: "This is too cute! Good luck and keep us posted."