A blogger has come under fire after she posted to Facebook a "horrible" chart comparing stay-at-home mums with working mums.

In her handwritten chart, Lori Alexander, an American woman who blogs under the name The Transformed Wife to "teach biblical womanhood", claimed that the lives of women who had careers were "falling apart", adding that they did not feel as though they were good wives or mothers.

She then stated that mothers who stay at home all day had "fulfilling" lives with husbands and children who "rise up and call her blessed".

Working mums vs. stay at home mums

The controversial post compared working mothers to those who stay at home. Photo / Facebook
The controversial post compared working mothers to those who stay at home. Photo / Facebook

It outraged some her 87,000 followers who immediately took to the post to express their frustration.

"Boy oh boy … what a mess this is," one user commented. Another said: "This is ridiculous and not true. It's so sad that you portray working mothers this way."

The Facebook user went on to say that many women would love to stay home but it was not an option.

"So you throw this garbage at them! Many mothers working or stay home are wonderful, loving mums. Don't degrade other mums for doing the best they can."

Another mother also said she was "embarrassed, as a Christian wife, that this is even portrayed".

"I've followed your page, read your post and this is just … disappointing," she said.

The mother-of-four and grandmother-of-nine describes herself as a "full-time homemaker".

Lori Alexander blogs about being a perfect stay-at-home wife. Photo / Facebook
Lori Alexander blogs about being a perfect stay-at-home wife. Photo / Facebook

She writes, "God, through His Spirit and His Word, have transformed and will continue to transform me into the godly woman that He has called me to be," on the About Me section of her website.

Alexander's Facebook post has attracted more than 2000 comments since it was posted on December 5, with many referring to her as a "crackpot", "vile and judgmental" and "ridiculous".

But it's not the first time the woman has come under fire for her "old-fashioned" and somewhat religious views of women.

In another handwritten post uploaded just this morning, the blogger said: "When women decide to do their housework joyfully, even if their husbands never lift a finger to help them, they are serving the Lord and doing what he has called them to do."

A previous post. Photo / Facebook
A previous post. Photo / Facebook

Again, it didn't go down too well.

"Or the partner could help since it's his mess and his house too? … it's not my job to do everything when we BOTH work and should be having equal responsibilities. Lol this post is disgustingly misogynistic," one woman commented.

"Agree hundred per cent as a Christian women (sic) that we're here to serve but there is nothing wrong with someone helping you and cleaning the house have nothing to do with what God intended for us so please please do not confuse what you wanna do in your household with the word of God," another wrote.

But, not all were against her view with one woman in full support, saying: "No truer words are written."

The Facebook fan went on to explain a husband "has a lot of stress out in the work world".

"Let him come home to an orderly, clean household with dinner ready," she wrote.

"Always serve him his plate first, ahead of your children. Your husband comes first, always. Serve him and you serve God."

Alexander explains in her bio that she has had a difficult marriage of 23 years but since applying "God's principles" to her life things have only got better and better.

"I began mentoring women years ago and have found my ministry in doing this. I have been blogging since 2011."