Raw diets are not for every dog, but there's a reason they've been rising in popularity over the last few years. Nicknamed the 'BARF' diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), a doggy diet rich in raw, meaty bones and vegetable scraps can prove a great antidote to the preservative-laden commercial dog foods you'll find at the supermarket.

As with everything, balance is key - and if you want to shift your dog's eating habits towards a raw-focused diet, make sure to consult a raw feeding expert first (and never change your dog's diet drastically - always introduce new foods gradually). If your furry mate can handle a raw diet, here are just some of the benefits you might see.

IIt's low on unnecessary fillers

So much commercial pet food is packed with unnecessary fillers. A 'BARF' diet is based on fresh raw whole animal protein, as well as fruit and vegetables, eggs and even some dairy like yoghurt. It's possible for dogs to get all their required nutrients from a well monitored raw-based diet, without all the nasty additives of regular dog food.
It's good for their coat!


Often one of the first benefits to present itself is a healthier coat: a raw-based diet can have your pup's fur looking smooth, silky and shiny.

It has de-stinkifying qualities

No matter how much you love your dog, we all know there's an element of stink involved in having a pet. A good 'BARF' diet can actually help reduce some of the stink that dog owners will know well, and can improve both breath and foul-smelling poop.

It can help with weight control

Obesity in pets is no joke, and many high-carb commercial dog foods are to blame for some pups packing on the pounds. A raw food diet can help with weight control - as with anything though, moderation and variation are key.

Better bone, joint and dental health

Good raw products are naturally high in calcium, and can help keep your dog's bones and joints healthy. And it doesn't stop there: feeding your dog minimally processed raw foods can do wonders for their teeth, too! And who'd want to deprive their dog of having shiny, pearly whites? (Could save you a few bucks on teeth cleaning at the vet too.)