Address: 27 Galway St, Britomart
Ph: (09) 551 3100
Open: Wednesday to Saturday 4pm-late.

A big bar with a big reputation, the big question on my mind was whether 1885 would live up to it.

I've been here before and had a few quibbles but they were minor; a review visit would clear things up, I thought.

Well, not really. What it reinforced for me was that despite the fantastic fit-out, the impressive drinks selection and tasty food, 1885 is overpriced and the staff don't see you unless you are one of their friends or an attractive young female.

Believe me, I tried to look like at least one of those two, but to no avail.


Five minutes of standing at the bar while three bartenders walked up and down managing to look impressively busy for people who were basically doing nothing was almost enough for me.

But I persevered because I had company and one of them was thirsty. Eight minutes later I tottered away from the bar, shaken and stunned at having been charged $34 for a bourbon and soda and a vodka and tomato juice.

I felt like I'd been mugged and the bloke who served me didn't even have the decency to say thanks.

I know it's a better bar than that because I've had great service at times before, but this was just terrible.

Attempts to attract the bartender's attention were ignored and, when I finally did catch his eye, he gave me a look that suggested I'd just offered to make passionate love to his grandmother.

Rather than further risking his wrath by querying the exorbitant prices, I shuffled off to quickly finish my drink and escape to a more welcoming haven.

I'll have to think very carefully about going back.


Service: 0
Drink: 2/5
Food: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Overall: 2.5/5