Musician Andrew Keoghan's coming home from LA for a New Zealand tour, kicking off next week in Taranaki. We asked him a few questions to find out what's going on in his world.

1 Who is Andrew Keoghan? Describe you/your sound in a single sentence.

I'm happy for others to define and enjoy or dislike my music, but I can say it's born of an eclectic bag of influences and fondness for something whistleable.

2 Your new single is Something Going On - tell us a bit of the story behind that song.


It's about the confusion that can surface in a long distance relationship; romance in the digital age, with a sentiment that we're all on loan to each other essentially.

3 The album Every Orchid Offering visits a number of themes - transience, sexuality, lust among others - what would you say is its overarching statement on the modern condition? Or is it just more personal that that?

I would say it celebrates our shared clumsiness navigating life. We're always falling over, bouncing back and attempting to be understood and there's a certain beauty and humour in that.

4 You're set to play New Zealand dates - what is unique about the Kiwi audience and the way it embraces your music?

I'm not sure yet. It's our first time playing the new album here, so I'll have to report back on how hard the tomatoes were thrown. The shows we did recently in the States went well.

5 What is your favourite track on Every Orchid Offering and why?

It would be Something Going On. It's a simple singalong and saunters along at a medium clip that my weary hips can cope with.

6 Who do you admire in the NZ music scene and why?

Ruban Nielson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra. He's prolific but his output is always of the highest quality. I arrived too late to get in to their show on the Santa Monica pier, but even blocked from view and us sitting on the beach, it was the best show I heard last year.


7 You're based in LA - does being a New Zealander define you in a certain way within the industry - and can that be a good or bad thing?

In a sense. I mean I still get asked rather hopefully if I know Brett and Jermaine. Now I also get asked if I know Lorde. So I guess we're considered, for a fleeting second, either very funny and/or incredibly talented and popular.

8 You can only fit one album by another artist on your device - what is it?

Cass McCombs - Mangy Love

9 You're curating a music festival - who's on the bill, alive or dead?

Caetano Veloso, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Ocean, Byork, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and James Brown. I would think the running order would require some outsourced diplomacy.

10 What does success look like for you? What's your ultimate goal as a musician?

I'll leave this one for your next band of 20-something year-olds, bright-eyed and ready to take on the world. But I can say I'd like to write and produce songs for other artists.