The Road Ahead: Tūhoe and colonisation - 'we're all still in it'

Kirsty Luke says Tūhoe have always stood apart from the rest of the country. Photo / Mike Scott

What does "recovery from colonisation" look like, she asks. You won't find many answers in books because they are, largely, yet to be written "mainly because we're all still in it. The idea that economic development, which is where all iwi were pushed to in a post-settlement environment, that that was the blazing hallelujah thing, that somehow money in the bank would speed up an urge on recovery, well, that hasn't been proven."

As New Zealand prepares for an historic election in the worldwide grip of Covid-19, reporter David Fisher and visual journalist Mike Scott spent three weeks on the road to find out what we're thinking. They visited Kirsti Luke in Taneatua for an insight into the Tūhoe story.