An Australian mum whose plans to hold a "chickenpox party" for anti-vaccination parents has horrified medical professionals, but the mother-of-two says she has no plans to back down on her offer.

Hollie Singleton invited parents to bring their children around after she learned her son had been diagnosed with the disease, Daily Mail Australia reports.

"If anyone wants to clear this bug now and get it over with please come to Brisbane and visit us," she wrote on Facebook. "We are here to infect only those who want it!"

A child health expert, Dr Sam Hay, told Channel 9's Today Show these types of parties were very concerning.


"You are exposing those children to potential complications. You're exposing them to - when they're adults - shingles and chronic pain," he said.

"Don't send your kids [to chickenpox parties]," he advised.

More than 90 per cent of Australian babies now receive chickenpox vaccinations under the country's immunisation scheme.

Despite the criticism from health professionals Ms Singleton told Channel 7 News she stood by her decision.

"I'm not telling people to not get a vaccination - I'm telling them it's your choice," she said. "I am happy to facilitate a space where people feel safe and protected - in some cases yes, it could be people I've only met online rather than face to face."

The party has been cancelled because parents did not want their children to be sick over Christmas.