By now you've probably heard of loads of vegan "meat" alternatives, such as soy mince, pea protein meatballs, mushroom burgers, or maybe even jackfruit pulled pork.

Well, now there's apparently a hot new "meat" option: banana skin. And it can be used in a variety of vegan dishes.

According to food blogger, Melissa Copeland, aka The Stingy Vegan, the skin is completely edible. To prove it she shared a video on her blog last week demonstrating how to use it to make the perfect "pulled pork" sandwich.

You may feel a little squeamish at the thought of biting into a bitter banana peel, and the blogger notes she too was a sceptic to begin with:


"I was super sceptical about it but brave enough to try it. Turns out it works!

"You are probably just as sceptical as I was about banana peels so let me put your mind at rest: no, they are not bitter and no it doesn't taste like banana. The trick is to choose bananas that are not quite ripe yet as the peels are firmer and thicker, and scrape out the white skin part from the inside."

First, she recommends scraping the inside with a spoon to get rid of all white flesh. Then she demonstrates shredding the skin with a fork before mixing it with olive oil and spices and frying it in water and BBQ sauce.

Copeland then serves the creation in a seeded bun with coleslaw on top, to make it look the part.

It turns out she isn't the first to try the wacky offering either: Fellow food bloggers note they also use banana peel in fishless fishcakes, faux meatballs and even to make bacon.

Although not as rich in potassium as a banana, the peel contains vitamin B6, B12, magnesium and potassium, and is a source of fibre.