300g chuck steak mince
100g pork mince (fatty)
4 onions (sliced longways)
nob of butter
pinch of soft brown sugar
40g cheddar cheese (grated)
10 cloves garlic diced (rough is good)
100g blue cheese (pulled apart)
20g milk powder
1½ healthy pinches of salt

1 Heat a medium-sized pot to medium, add butter, onions and brown sugar and allow to caramelise on low for at least an hour, stirring regularly and taking care of the bottom of the pot so you create a rich dark brown colour (at this stage you could put in a litre of beef stock and boil - making french onion soup). After caramelisation, put in the chiller.

2 While waiting for the onions to cool, grab a medium bowl and put in the pork and beef mince. Add salt, garlic, milk powder, cheddar and blue cheese. Add your cold caramelised onions. Mix well until you have a marbled effect, mould into burger patties.