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The annual Rabobank client breakfast is a highlight of Fieldays for The Country's Jamie Mackay, not just for the delicious spread on offer, but because he gets to tuck into the important issues affecting the farming community.

This year's panel comprised of Tim Allan, managing director and CEO of UBCO, local dairy farmer from Cambridge Gary Raymer, and science advocate Dr Jacqueline Rowarth.

They joined Rabobank CEO Todd Charteris, along with Mackay, who said the aim of the breakfast was to try and solve "all the agricultural problems in world in about 30 or 40 minutes".


Listen below:

Charteris said it was a "fantastic" discussion that "covered a lot of ground" with Rowarth offering strong opinions that "make you stop and think".

Allan who runs UBCO bikes gave an important urban perspective which was balanced by dairy farmer Raymer's rural opinion said Charteris.

This year's hot topics were the Zero Carbon Act and the forestry versus pastoral farming debate.