Just when we thought we had left such wild trends in 2019 where they belong, one notorious fashion offender is back with a vengeance.

After breaking the internet in 2019, the "Janties" denim shorts are back, after somehow managing to sell out.

The shorts by brand Y/Project are hardly a cheap gimmick either, costing $580 a pair for those quick enough to nab some.

The NSFW garment is described by the Paris-based brand as "denim brief style panties" complete with "five-pocket styling and belt loops".


Because who doesn't need five pockets in their underwear?

The "Janties" have received quite the reaction on social media, with some questioning where on earth one would wear such a trend?

Others felt there was clearly a chaffing issue that was being ignored.

While the shorts may leave even the biggest fashionista with some styling challenges, we are left to wonder where, beyond Coachella, one might rock such a bold look?

If this is where fashion is taking us in 2020, then it's bound to be a wild ride.