They may have had some ups and downs in recent years but a fan learned the hard way that Beyonce is still crazy in love with hubby Jay-Z. Or, possibly, just crazy after Bey literally hit her with the cold shoulder.

The R&B diva and her rap mogul hubby were courtside at Game 3 of the NBA Finals when a female fan leaned across Bey to have a bit of a chinwag with Z.

As the pair chatted the singer's smile swiftly subsided, switching up to an unimpressed side-eye directed at the lady. Immediately noticing the frozen chill emanating from his wife, Jay-Z worked to exit the conversation, moving his gaze back to the action happening out on the court.

The woman, who has been reported as being Nicole Curran, wife of the Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob, also picked up what Bey was putting down and turned away from the power couple.


But if she thought Beyonce was finished with her she had another thing coming. And that thing was a Queen Bey shoulder barge to the back. It's fair to say that Curran was most definitely not ready for that jelly.

The moment was caught on film by ESPN and has since gone viral on the Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, people are coming out firmly on Team Bey.

Curran's husband also had a bad night as rivals the Toronto Raptors romped their way to victory whupping his Warriors with a final score of 123 to 109.