Radio Hauraki host Leigh Hart revealed to Scottish-Australian rocker Jimmy Barnes that he may have been responsible for Hart getting arrested in France in the 1990s.

When Barnes stopped by the Hauraki studio for an interview on Bhuja, Hart recounted a story from when he was touring France with his band Wild Turkey.

The band happened to cross paths with Barnes in Meribel, a ski resort town in the French Alps, and invited him to join Wild Turkey on stage.

"We heard you were in the area so we got in touch," says Hart. "We said, 'Hey, do you wana come up for a gig,' - you said, 'I'm on holiday with the family'."


"We told everyone in the whole area that you were going to show up to this gig that night, but we weren't sure you were going to. Sure enough, halfway through the gig you showed up and got on stage, and you pretty much sang everything we knew.

But the next day, after Barnes had left, it was Hart and his band who took the fall for what had been a rowdy night.

"The next day, we were so chuffed, you left, and we got arrested," says Hart. the gendarmes arrested us the next day with noise complaints and stuff from that night and we spent the next week and a half in jail."

Barnes gracefully confesses his responsibility for Hart's arrest: "It was me."

Watch the full clip above.