Young Hodor is attempting to bring the world to tears again, this time through music.

Sam Coleman, the Game of Thrones actor who played young stableboy Hodor has sung a ballad about his character's mission and ultimate death in the hit HBO series.

Coleman uploaded the song titled Hold the Door to SoundCloud following the episode in which gentle giant Hodor tragically dies to protect Bran Stark.

In the episode Bran is immersed in yet another vision of the past when he comes across Hodor - a young stableboy by the name of Wylis.


Back in the present an army of Wights are battling through to find the escaping trio: Bran, Hodor and Meera.

"Hold the door," Meera shouts to Hodor as she attempts to drag Bran to safety.

The connection of the past and present prompts Wylis to seize and mimic Meera's order which merges into "hodor".

The older Hodor sacrifices his life by fending off the Wights in order to protect Bran.

The 19-year-old actor's song recounts the stableboy's lonely life before Bran overtook his mind and sparked his devastating sole life purpose.

Starting with emotional block chords Coleman sings: "I was a lonely stable boy, till you came along from the future...then my eyes went white and my soul caught fire."

"I only had just one desire I would follow you until the end of time put my life right on the line, making sure you wouldn't die."

The song then backs off before gradually building to a dramatic climax and the songs conclusion.

"But there was one condition, I only had one mission, a simple one I knew I had to face when I reached the time and place."

"Hold the door, I'll hold the door, I'll hold the door for you."

The SoundCloud song has reached more than 77,000 listeners in less than a week.