If you want to get ahead of the Joneses, this should do the trick.

Sony has just made a super-giant telly, originally designed for theatre operators, available to the public.

The Sony Crystal LED television is selling for US$5 million ($7.5m) and has a 783-inch screen on the diagonal, or just under 20m.

The set is 19.2m wide and 5.5m high, or the equivalent of three average-size men standing on each other's shoulders - so you'll want to push the couch back a fair way for a good viewing experience.


The Crystal LED (or CLED) display offers a 180-degree viewing angle, and supports high definition video up to 16K (outside of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, few streamers and broadcasters are supporting 4K or ultra high-resolution video, let alone 8K, and no-one's shooting anything for 16K yet, but never mind - future-proofing, eh?).

Just the ticket for Spark Sport. Photo / Sony.
Just the ticket for Spark Sport. Photo / Sony.

The CLED uses micro-LED modules, each 40x46cm inches in size at 360 x 360 resolution with three tiny LEDs for each pixel. The technology works like OLED, but is much brighter, allowing for extremely high 1000 nit brightness, million-to-one contrast ratio and "spectacular 3D".

The blocks cost US$10,000 each and can be pieced together like really expensive lego, so you could, say, build a 4K resolution display, measuring around, 2.5m x 2.2m, for "only" US$720,000 ($1.1m).

If that's a bit rich for your budget, then you can slum it with Samsung's $80,000 8K telly (that piece also includes a more serious discussion on whehter you need to buy an 8K set today as prices start to come down to "only" second-hand car level on some models).