A little slice of Hamilton is on its way to Hastings, with Mama's Donuts announcing it's opening a store in June.

The proud new owner and manager of the soon-to-be Omahu Rd store, beside Hell Pizza, Emily Whiu said once she saw the bakery in Hamilton she knew it was something she wanted to get involved in.

"My husband is a Hamilton boy and loved these dougnuts, so we went round there one day and after seeing the way it was run and the real family feel of the place I thought it was something I could do," Whiu said.

Emily Whiu can't wait to bring Mama's Donuts to Hastings. Photo / Blair Voorend
Emily Whiu can't wait to bring Mama's Donuts to Hastings. Photo / Blair Voorend

The former primary school teacher and mother of four said she wanted to have a job where she would be able to spend more time with her family and still be able to work.


"Last year I was still teaching a few days a week, but having four boys under 10 I wanted to do something to get them involved also and this just feels like the perfect opportunity."

At the moment Whiu is on a three-month training course where she is travelling to Hamilton and Tauranga to learn all the business skills she needs to run the Mama's Donuts store.

"I can teach a class of 30 students no sweat but running a business will be a little harder to do I think."

She is busy learning everything from making, packaging and selling donuts to managing staff and a store.

Whiu's partnership means she will own and manage the store, but will be able to sell and name her store Mama's Donuts per the agreement.

Mama's Donuts has two stores open in Hamilton and Tauranga, and another in Auckland on the way.

Whiu said it was a real treat to be able to bring such an "iconic" Hamilton business to the city where she grew up.