Lime's e-scooters in New Zealand will be assessed after the Switzerland fleet had to be pulled due to issues with brakes.

Lime's entire fleet will be reviewed and any e-scooters found to be unsafe will be pulled from the streets, said director of government affairs, Mitchell Price.

"Safety is absolutely paramount," he said.

Lime pulled its scooters from Swiss streets following reports of its scooters suddenly halting mid-ride - sending riders tumbling.


In a message to customers, Lime said it has "paused" its service while scooters were returned to its workshops for checkups.

"We have been made aware of cases in which users report that during their rides, sudden brake manoeuvres take place, leading to crashes," Lime said.

"The investigation is ongoing. We are currently examining whether a software update could be causing a reboot during the ride, triggering the theft protection."

Lime's anti-theft technology locks up a scooter's wheels.

Price also announced plans for a dockless car-share programme in New Zealand during a press conference in Wellington this afternoon.

He hoped Kiwis could start leaving their cars at home and begin using new methods of transport to go about their days.

Lime will be launching a series of safety workshops in the Hutt Valley too, to help the 30,000 riders in the Hutt better control the e-scooters.

There have been hundreds of e-scooter ACC injury claims since Lime launched in Auckland in October last year and later in Christchurch and the Hutt Valley. The cost of injuries has passed $200,000.


Price said there had been 80,000 rides on their e-scooters since launching in the Hutt a month ago.

Lime is working "co-operatively" with Wellington City Council in hopes of launching in Wellington as well.