President Donald Trump's love of a kitsch cameo has unearthed more evidence of close ties to Russia.

Trump delivers his signature "You're Fired" in the amateurish music video for In Another Life, the 2013 single from Russian pop star and wealthy businessman Emin Agalarov.

It turns out Emin and his property developer billionaire father Aras were sponsors of Trump's Miss Universe pageant staged in Moscow that year, which also explains the parade of sash-wearing models sashaying through the In Another Life clip.

"A dozen of the world's most beautiful women are more than just a dream for EMIN in his new music video for the single In Another Life ... but he is brought back to reality by the always tough-talking words of Donald Trump!" spruiks the video blurb.


Fast forward to the 2016 US Presidential campaign and Emin's publicist Rob Goldstone helped broker a meeting between Donald Trump Jr and the Kremlin-connected lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Trump Jr agreed to meet with the lawyer last June who was allegedly offering up dirt on Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Goldstone, who was a music publicist based in Australia until the early 1990s when he relocated to London, confirmed to The New York Times that his boss Emin had requested he arrange the meeting at Trump Tower in New York.

Trump Jr said in a statement that no information was forthcoming during the meeting with the Russian lawyer and also tweeted " ... went nowhere but had to listen."

Emin's pop star ambitions fired up while he was a high school student in the US.

After releasing a handful of successful records in Russia, he set his sights on cracking the European market and enlisted Goldstone's PR savvy to introduce his talents to British media and music producers.

Born in Azerbaijan, the business mogul received some wider exposure when he performed during the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest held in his home country.

He recently toured in the US and shared a stage with Australian artist Emmanuel Kelly, who was discovered on X Factor in 2011 and has recently signed an American recording deal.


Federal prosecutors in the US continue to investigate whether the Trump campaign was aware of and encouraged Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential elections.