An emergency meeting about the future of Central Otago's WoolOn Creative Fashion Event is ''just a bump in the road'' and the event should still run next year, Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan says.

The emergency meeting which will be chaired by Mr Cadogan, was announced yesterday after it emerged the event could be in jeopardy because of there was no longer a WoolOn chairman.

A statement from the Central Otago District Council said the previous WoolOn co-chairwomen, Leonie Williamson and Karla Sanders, both stepped down from their roles on November 6. With no committee members willing to fill the role, the meeting was adjourned to November 19.

Mr Cadogan said the previous chairwomen had done ''a momentous job''. A professional event manager would be employed for the next event.


But without people being willing to step into the roles of chairman and secretary, WoolOn was ''in jeopardy'', he said.

WoolOn used to be part of the Alexandra Blossom Festival, but broke away from the festival in 2016 to become a separate entity and establish charitable status.

When asked if he thought the change in structure for WoolOn had contributed to its current situation, Mr Cadogan said, ''no''.

''It [breaking away] was the right thing to do, it allowed WoolOn to grow in the direction it needed to ... This is just a bump in the road ... WoolOn is in great heart, has a healthy bank balance and more contestants and sponsors than ever, but it is time for new blood ...''

Another issue for the November 19 meeting would be a venue, as the venue for the previous two WoolOn events was no longer available, Mr Cadogan said.

The emergency meeting will be held at Alexandra Community House at 7pm on November 19.