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This week The Country's Jamie Mackay is joined by PGG Wrightson's GM for wool Grant Edwards to talk about the recent lift in the Australian market and how growers are still anticipating a tough season.

Recently Australia had the biggest one day lift in wool prices ever "as wool prices have slid off the back off what's been happening in the China versus US trade wars" said Mackay.

This has impacted the New Zealand market as they have seen a bounce back.


Edwards touched on the current uncertainty and questionable stability of the market.

Australia has seen slips in the market; however the bounce back for Australia saw an increase in price of finer wool types from late July to August. New Zealand's finer wool doesn't usually enter the market until September.

Listen below:

Edwards said the global perception of New Zealand merino and crossbreed wool has continued to be held to a high standard.

New Zealand was not impacted by the droughts to the extent of Australia, which resulted in constant production of high quality wools.

Mackay queried New Zealand's business of selling stronger crossbreed wools. Edward said "the market at best is ticking over," however it was still tough going.

The industry is at the tail end of lambing season and is still seeing some shearing of pre-lamb high country-merino sheep.

Edwards said that more of the finer wool comes via the South Island and this is confirmed by the one thousand bails of wool up for sale in Christchurch next week.