The continuing spread of African swine fever through China's pig population has the potential to reshape global beef markets, Rabobank's latest beef quarterly report says.

The author of the report, Animal Proteins Analyst Blake Holgate, explained to The Country's Jamie Mackay that African Swine Fever's disruptive effect on China's pork production and consumption could potentially result in an increase in demand for New Zealand beef imports.

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Beef is an "emerging consumer choice," for China as they normally "eat a heck of a lot more pork," says Holgate, but he is seeing a change in dietry habits.


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"What we are seeing is an increase in the proportion of beef that is in Chinese consumers' diets as they become more wealthy - beef is a more expensive form of protein - so those comsumers are trading up the proteins and increasingly eating more beef."

Also in today's interview: Blake Holgate takes a look at how the United States' beef markets affects New Zealand and gives an update on the prospects for Kiwi lamb.