This month's reflection on the wool market has seen a strong growth in terms of sales and as Grant Edwards, PGG Wrightson's GM for wool, explains there is definitely an upwards trend for wool since June-July of this year.

The Country's Jamie Mackay spoke with Grant Edwards about the exceptional season the wool market has seen this year. Mackay acknowledges a slight recovery in the cost of wool, in particular cross-breed products, and that exchange rates have not directly influenced the market.

Listen below:

Mackay and Edwards touch on the reasonable New Zealand winter which has led to high quality, marketable wool, and as the country heads into pre-lamb season the wool continues to be exceptionally produced.

The droughts in Australia have continued to influence the market allowing New Zealand Wool, and in particular Merino, to become more prominent. Edwards explains that the 5.7% loss the Australian market has seen is equivalent to New Zealand losing twice its annual production.