Although the US market is the focus of Rabobank's Beef Quarterly Report, there are a number of other important issues continuing to influence global markets, says Blake Holgate.

Rabobank's animal proteins expert spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay about the report which sees prices remaining steady despite some northern hemisphere headwinds.

"We're focused on the US just because it's such a major player in the global beef market as a producer, as an exporter and as a consumer."

A couple of issues to watch out for in the US are the increasing domestic supply of beef, along with a growing number of other available proteins such as pork and poultry, says Holgate.


Back in New Zealand Holgate says there are still good prospects for lamb, despite the prediction of a record low crop from Beef + Lamb, after a benign start to early spring.

"What really matters is ... spring conditions and the number of lambs that actually hit the ground will ultimately determine what the crop looks like after this season."

Read the Rabobank Beef Quarterly Report here.

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