This week on the Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay caught up with Rabobank horticulture analyst Hayden Higgins, to find out the latest on the industry. The Country also launched this year's Good Deeds promotion with Rabobank, which you can find out more about here.

Jane Smith:

Is an outspoken North Otago farmer and former winner of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards who was all fired up about Jacinda's new holiday, winter grazing and Winston!

Bernadette Hunt:


The Vice President of Southland Federated Farmers took issue with Environment Minister David Parker denying there was widespread criticism from Southland farmers about winter grazing regulations, following his recent trip to the province with Agriculture Minister Damien O'Connor.

Hayden Higgins:

Rabobank's Hawkes Bay-based horticulture analyst talked about why water was so important to the fruit bowl of the country. Plus, we discussed record horticulture exports ($4.2 billion), and who was going to pick the fruit this season?

Greg Collins:

The Export Manager and Director of Progressive Livestock, a man with 22 years experience in the live cattle export trade, put forward the industry's argument of the continuation of, potentially, a $500 million per annum export income earner.

Shane Jones:

Things might be looking a bit grim for the modest, self-effacing, self-proclaimed Prince of the Provinces but he didn't let the polls dent his humour this week, in one of the more entertaining interviews of 2020.

Listen below: