Irish agritech entrants MagGrow took out the International Innovation Award at this year's Fieldays.

MagGrow secured the top spot with their crop technology which seeks to reduce spray drift while maximising efficiency and output for farmers.

The announcement was made live on Fieldays Online, by New Zealand Minister of Agriculture, Hon Damien O'Connor,

MagGrow significantly reduces waste associated with conventional pesticide applications.


MagGrow says its system delivers a more consistent spray droplet profile, resulting in higher pesticide coverage on and inside the plant canopy. This allows growers to achieve higher coverage while using their current application rate, or the same coverage using a lower application rate.

The technology can be retrofitted to existing sprayers or installed on new sprayers.

The technology is a two-component system composed of permanent rare earth magnets. Pesticides pass through the magnetic fields under appropriate flow conditions, changing the physical properties of the fluid and thereby optimising the spray droplets.

MagGrow CEO Gary Wickham impressed the judges with strong science backing an innovative solution that reduces chemical and water usage whilst improving efficacy in spraying applications.

The judges particularly appreciated the deep understanding of both science and farming applied in an innovation that can improve both environmental and commercial outcomes globally.

"The MagGrow team demonstrated clear understanding of both the problem to be solved and the business model to see it applied at scale. They are a worthy winner of the International Innovation Award and their solutions will bring real value to New Zealand farmers."

Guest judge at the award ceremony, Brendan O'Connell explained how MagGrow was a fantastic piece of innovation.

"They tick all the boxes in terms of saving money, reducing chemical use and saving water. A really practical, straight direct impact on farm right now, easy to understand and apply."


The team at MagGrow were delighted with the win.

"Fieldays Innovation Awards is pretty much recognised as one of the premier agricultural award events in the world. We see this as a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential customers, investors, commercial and local research partners. It also provides MagGrow a fantastic platform to reach out to a wider audience through the various media channels."