Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay looks at eartagging 7 billion people to monitor the spread of covid-19. Ouch!

On with the show:

Phil Duncan:

Monday's resident weather expert offers up a good final week in July for the farmers of the nation.


Shane Jones:

The Economic Development Minister (and self-styled 'Prince of the Provinces') is still urging farmers to vote tactically for NZ First plus we ask him how hard can it be to give away $3 billion from the PGF?

Geoff Crawford:

One week on from the devastating Northland floods, we head back to the Hikurangi Swamp to find out how the clean up is going following what has been described as a 1-in-500 year rain event.

Greg Mirams:

As the world battles Covid-19, a Kiwi ag-tech entrepreneur asks can lessons and tools from animal health be used to assist human health?

Jeff Grant:

Is a former National Party Chief Whip, former Chairman of AgResearch and Beef + Lamb New Zealand, now former appointee to help manage NZ's red meat sector response to Brexit and these days Balfour farmer. Today we chew the fat over meat, politics and issues of the day.


Listen below: