Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay spoke to Minister of Agriculture Damien O'Connor about pine trees taking over New Zealand.

On with the show:

Damien O'Connor:

We take the Minister of Agriculture to task about quarantining at our borders and what is he doing to prevent us becoming the proverbial pine plantation of the South Pacific.


Dr. Jake Smith:

We yarn to a Ruawai sheep and beef farmer and Kaipara District mayor about how the western flank of Northland attempts to recover from one of the worst droughts on record.

Cameron Bagrie:

Is an Independent Economist who talks about the real fallout and cost of Covid-19 and whether some countries are going to have no choice but to let it run its course.

Dr Jacqueline Rowarth:

One of New Zealand's leading farming academics was told at university there were three routes to farm ownership - patrimony, matrimony or parsimony. None are easy or without risk. Just like farming.

Peter Newbold:

The GM of PGG Wrightson Real Estate takes his monthly look at rural market.


Listen below: