Wairarapa farmers Daniel and Sophie Hansen are helping their neighbours in the drought-stricken Hawke's Bay, with the Rapa Feed Run.

Hawke's Bay farmers have said they're under huge pressure as they deal with bare paddocks, hungry stock and limited supplementary feed.

This was a situation that felt all too familiar, Daniel Hansen told The Country's Jamie Mackay.

"Back at the end of March, if we didn't have 200-odd mls of rain, we would've been in a very similar situation".


With this in mind, the Hansens put out the call for Wairarapa farmers to contribute whatever excess feed they could spare, which would then be transported to Hawke's Bay.

Listen below:

So far the initiative had collected around 1000 bales of feed and had managed to move over half of that, said Hansen.

"That includes conventionals, mini-wraps, as well as predominantly baleage and straw and hay. So we've moved a fair chunk of it really".

The response from farmers at both ends of the initiative has been "pretty amazing and pretty overwhelming" said Hansen.

"The generosity down here's been fantastic and when we took the convoy up, the welcoming - as you're driving along the road, coming into highway 50 and along there - there were farmers out with banners and waving and it was just pretty awesome to see it

Driving the lead truck and delivering the feed was an emotional experience for Hansen, especially since he is from Hawke's Bay.

"When we left Masterton, all the way up there were people on the side of the road, every 5 to 10k. It was pretty awesome. I think all the guys on the convey had a tear in the eye to be honest".

The Hansen's efforts had not gone unnoticed, as they were announced the winners of The Country's "Good on ya Mate" promotion with Speights for this week, after being nominated by both friends and strangers alike.


One entrant wrote:

"These two were the masterminds behind starting the Rapa Feed Run, gathering balage from around the Wairarapa and sending it to our farming mates in the Hawkes Bay who are battling with drought at the moment. To date over 1000 bales have headed north. I don't personally know these two, but they are true legends".

Hansen said the win was "very much appreciated and humbling".