More than 4000 wallabies were shot during the 30th annual wallaby hunting competition organised by the South Canterbury Recreational Sportsman's Club.

The event, which was held the week before the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions came into effect, is the longest consecutively running public hunting competition in New Zealand.

Entries were received from 124 adults and 38 children and several hundred people attended the weigh-in and prize-giving at the St Andrews domain.

A total of 1730 wallabies were handed in, while a further 2325 were not recovered.


Club president Zack Bennett, who described it as a "fantastic community event", said a large number of loyal shooters attended every year and entries from children were increasing.

"As regular pest shooters we have all seen the increase and effect of the wallaby population.

"Recreational hunters play a massive part in the control of this pest" he said.