Horse of the Year at Showgrounds Hawke's Bay Tomoana brings with it an international flavour each year and leaves people wanting more.

For Chloe Woodley, 17, from England she is competing at the event in the Mounted Games for the first time and already can't wait to compete at the next.

"I'd been to an event in Auckland once before but wanted to come to Hastings to take part at this event and my mum thought I was joking until I bought my ticket," she said.

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Woodley has been around horses her entire life being part of the local pony clubs back home with the Mounted Games a popular event for the young generation.

"Over in England and the rest of the UK it is extremely popular with many of the kids getting involved with the different events and disciplines in the sport."

The specialised event has been part of Horse of the Year since 2003 and attracts a range of teams from Australia, Wales, Ireland and England and locally has grown in popularity over recent years.

Chloe Woodley gets back on her horse during a Mounted Games team event. Photo / Paul Taylor
Chloe Woodley gets back on her horse during a Mounted Games team event. Photo / Paul Taylor

Woodley is competing at the event in a New Zealand U-17 team as an international representative but already has a little Kiwi connection with her uncle living in Napier.

"I'm only here for a short time but have already seen a lot spending time with family and discovering the area."

Woodley said although she has been here only a few days the event reminds her of ones back home and she already has plans to return and stay a bit longer.

"I'll definitely like to come back next year but I've already been talking to my mum and I'm keen to spend an entire season out here and get involved in the full swing of things."