Fire restrictions in Whanganui, Ruapehu and Taranaki have been lifted.

The region's principal rural fire officer, Nigel Dravitzki, said the fire season status for the region changed from a total fire ban to open fire season from 8am on Wednesday, March 11.

The prohibited fire season has been in place since February 7.

The changes have been made because recent rain across the area has reduced the fire risk significantly, Dravitski said.


However, people should follow district and regional councils' rules about lighting fires in open air.

Total fire ban across wider Whanganui region
Fire restrictions imposed in Whanganui and Ruapehu
Total fire bans
Total fire ban for most of Whanganui District and all of South Taranaki

"While Taranaki, Whanganui and Ruapehu are now an open season, councils may have rules in place," he said.

"People should check with the councils before lighting a fire."

Go to to check the fire season in your specific location and for tips to make sure you and your family stay fire safe.