What started out as casual catch-up with mates during a "thirsty Thursday in the man cave" has turned into an epic journey for 16 intrepid "Trevs" and their trusty farm bikes.

Leighton Minnell's dream of trying to cross the country "not going on any roads" has come to fruition as "Trev's 2020 Farm Yarn".

Paying tribute to Fred Dagg, Minnell and his companions will each dress as "Trev" in long gumboots and black singlets while riding the classic kiwi farm bike, the Honda CT 110.

It's all for a good cause too, as the aim of "Trev's Farm Yarn" is to connect with farmers and their communities, and to highlight rural wellbeing.


"We talked about going farm to farm and talking to the farmers and at the time a lot of farmers were starting to go through hard times and droughts ... and we thought 'well why not do it as a fundraiser?' and it's taken off from there really" Minnell told The Country's Jamie Mackay.

Support for the event has been "amazing" so far with gifts and donations coming through on the Trev's 2020 Farm Yarn Facebook Page said Minnell.

Listen below:

"At the end of the day we hope to have a nice little pot of gold left at Federated Farmers, which is our main partner, and they will distribute it to any farmers in need or anyone who needs any help in that direction."

The Trevs will be taking the road less travelled through some of the North Island's most remote and rugged backcountry, visiting local rural primary schools and attending events in Whangamomona, Raetihi, Moawhango and Pukeokahu.

Luckily two of the Trevs are bike mechanics and "Vantastic Trev" is on hand with a van full of spare parts in case of any mishaps.

It'll be tough, but it's nothing the Trevs can't handle said Minnell, who also pointed out no-one is actually called Trev.

"It's going to be hard, no doubt about that on the old bikes, I think we'll end up with a bit of saddle rash after a few days, but hey at the end of the day it's a good cause."

Trev's 2020 Farm Yarn itinerary:


• Beginning at North Taranaki's Urenui school on March 23, the ride will wind up in Puketapu, near Napier on March 27.

• The route crosses from farm to farm with local farmers (and other CT 110 enthusiasts) expected to join in on certain sections.

• The ride takes in iconic locations such as Aotuhia Station, the historic cream track (recreating the historic weekly journey of cream and wool that used to occur 98 years ago), the Whanganui River and the ensuing two-hour barge ride (courtesy of Joe Adams - Bridge to Nowhere Tours) to Ruatihi, Peters Station - adjacent to the army training grounds.

• There will also be a day across Big Hills and Dan Cottrell's property, Hiwinu and Ngamatea stations, then down to River Lodge and via river and forest to Crownthorpe farms, Fernhill and finally Puketapu.