This week on the Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay caught up with Rabobank's Richard Scheper for an update on the dairy industry in the Netherlands.

This week's top interviews were:

Dr. Jacqueline Rowarth:

Is a high-profile farming academic who continues her "Myth Buster" series - today's myth busted is that wages are not keeping up with the price of food.


Shane Jones:

We ask the self-anointed Prince of the Provinces to ponder water storage, whether we have too many forestry logs in one basket, how to protect our meat and dairy brands and what to do about the gangs and the media.

Miles Hurrell:

Fonterra's chief executive agrees that the GDT auction (down 2.9 per cent) was a good result in light of coronavirus. We talk about Fonterra's people on the ground in China and look at milk volumes as the drought really begins to bite in the North Island.

Richard Scheper:

We find a Dutch-based dairy analyst in Melbourne for the Australian Dairy Conference and we discuss the forthcoming EU season which will start in March or April depending on the weather, including prices, margins and a production outlook.

Jacinda Ardern:

How do you solve a problem like Winston? Is he a clown? We ask the PM, plus ponder the other serious issues that are currently threatening New Zealand - namely coronavirus, drought and a lack of water.


Jim Hopkins:

Is a rural raconteur who has a crack at Winston and weevils whilst singing the praises of water.

Listen below: