The Hawke's Bay sheep dog trials season has got off to a busy start, introduced by the centre championships held at the end of the Waikoau club's centennial weekend.

The three-day event on January 31-February 2 ended with Dave Evans and Prince winning the long head title, Bob Bruce claiming another short head and yard title, this time with Susan, younger trialist Kim Rorrison surprising with a win in the zig zag runoff with Dae, back amongst the titles with Spur in the straight hunt.

The weekend was followed by the Waimarama-Maraetotara-Elsthorpe trials last Friday and Saturday, while today starts a four-day run of trials with two days at the Omakere trials followed by the weekend at Takapau.

There's plenty of good early-season form, with Bruce having also won the Waikoau club's long head title, Rocky Hawkins the zig zag at Waikoau with Box and the long head with Jean at the Maraetotara event, and former centre president Clark Chrystal picking up both hunts with Duke at Maraetotara.


Southern Hawke's Bay trialist Bernie Arends has scored short head and yard in both Hawke's Bay club trials to date, with Parker at Waikoau and Kaine at Maraetotara.


Waikoau trials on January 31-February 1:

Long head: Bob Bruce, Susan, 96pts, 1; Dave Evans, Prince, 95pts, 2; Roger Strachan, Jess, 94.5pts, 3; Rocky Hawkins, Jean, 94pts, 4; Peter Williams, Guide, 93pts, 5. Intermediate and Maiden: Roger Strachan, Jess.

Short head and yard: Bernie Arends, Parker, 96.5pts, 1; Bob Bruce, Susan, 95pts, 2; Laurie Horsfall, Raid, 93pts, 3; Leo Edginton, Kim, 92pts, 4; Leo Edginton, Larry, 91.5pts, 5. Intermediate: N George, Poi. Maiden: B Manson, Jazz.

Zig zag hunt: Rocky Hawkins, Box, 95.5pts, 1; Clark Chrystal, Nell, 95pts, 2; James Hemopo, Kahn, 94pts, 3; Bex Scragg, Brooke, 93.5pts, 4; Tom Manson, Chief, 93pts, 5. Intermediate: Rocky Hawkins, Box. Maiden: Bex Scragg, Brooke.

Straight hunt: Stu McNeill, Spur, 96.5pts, 1; Stu McNeill, Ranger, 95.75pts, 2; N George, Crib, 95.5pts, 3; Ben Te Kahika, Rogue, 95.25pts, 4; Dylan Rofe, Thump, 95pts, 5. Intermediate: N George, Crib. Maiden: M O'Grady, Crunch.

Hawke's Bay Centre championships at Waikoau, on February 2:


Long head: Dave Evans, Prince, (95, 95.5) 190.5pts, 1; Bob Bruce, Susan, (96, 94.25) 190.75pts, 2; Rocky Hawkins, Jean, (94, 95) 189pts, 3; Peter Williams, Guide, (93, 94) 187pts, 4; Sheena Martin, Stretch, (91, 75) 166pts, 5.

Short head and yard: Bob Bruce, Susan, (95, 91) 186pts, 1; Selwyn Dorward, Queen, (90, 87.5) 177.5pts, 2; Peter Williams, Guide, (91, 86.25) 177.25pts, 3; Peter Williams, Trump, (90.5, 79.5) 170pts, 4; Laurie Horsfall, Raid, (93, 74) 167pts, 5.

Zig zag hunt: Kim Rorrison, Dae, (92.5, 97) 189.5pts, 1; Bex Scragg, Brooke, (93.5, 94) 187.5pts, 2; Rocky Hawkins, Box, (95.5, 85) 180.5pts, 3; Tom Manson, Chief, (93, 86) 179pts, 4; Clark Chrystal, Nell, (95, 82) 177pts, 5.

Straight hunt: Jono Neilson, Spur, (94.75, 94.5) 189.25pts, 1; Stu McNeill, Ranger, (95.75, 91) 186.75pts, 2; Dylan Rofe, Thump, (95, 89) 184pts, 3; Ben Thomas, Zeus, (94.5, 88) 182.5pts, 4; Stu McNeill, Spur, (96.4, DNF) 96.5pts, 5.

Waimarama-Maraetotara-Elsthorpe trials on February 7-8:
Long head: Rocky Hawkins, Jean, 95.5pts, 1; Bernie Arends, Parker, 95pts, 2; Rocky Hawkins, Prince, 94.5pts, 3; Kevin O'Connnor, Jax, 94pts, 4; Bex Scragg, Floss, 93.5pts, 5.
Intermediate and Maiden: Rocky Hawkins, Prince.

Short head and yard: Bernie Arends, Kaine, 97.5pts, 1; Chris Redmond, Watch, 96.5pts, 2; Mike Sugden, Scout, 95.5pts, 3; Ian Burling, Mate, 95pts, 4; Bex Scragg, Floss, 94.5pts, 5. Intermediate: Bex Scragg, Floss. Maiden: Graeme Ryder, Bright.


Zig zag hunt: Clark Chrystal, Duke, 96pts, 1; Clark Chrystal, Butch, 94pts, 2; David Wright, Moose, 92pts, 3; Mark Lourie, Klay, 91.5pts, 4; Hamish Wills, Gem, 91pts, 5. Intermediate: Clark Chrystal, Butch. Maiden: Hamish Wills, Gem.

Straight hunt: Clark Chrystal, Duke, 94.5pts, 1; Bex Scragg, Jazz, 93pts, 2; Mark Lourie, Klay, 92.5pts, 3; Rocky Hawkins, Box, 92pts, 4; Rocky Hawkins, Kane, 91.5pts, 5. Intermediate: David Wright, Moose. Maiden: Ben Te Kahika, Pearl.