Today on The Country, a recently-located Jamie Mackay had some harrowing stories of the flooding in Fiordland.

On with the show:

Jamie Mackay and Andy Thompson:

The Country host updates the team on his experience with flooding in Fiordland and the Hokonui host gives us the latest on flooding in Southland.


Damien O'Connor:

The Minister of Agriculture talks about weather events, coronavirus and Winston Peters.

Cameron Bagrie:

Is an independent economist who takes a look at how coronavirus could affect New Zealand's exports both short-term and long-term and what could it mean for the GDT auction.

Dr Jacqueline Rowarth:

Today the soil scientist talks about her latest column for The Country where she asks "Is grass-only still feasible in NZ farming?"
Lisa Kendall:

Ro catches up with Lisa Kendall who has just won the Northern FMG Young Farmer of the Year.

Listen below: