This week on The Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay caught up with Rabobank's Emma Higgins to find out more about her report, "Afloat but drifting backwards - a look at dairy land values over the next five years".

This week's top interviews were:

Todd Muller:

National's Agriculture spokesperson talks Jazz (Muller), freshwater reforms, climate change in schools and stolen laptops.


Dr Graeme Coles:

Is a Canterbury-based nutrition scientist who says that plant-based diets excrete more climate-damaging material than animal products. So vegan diets do not save the planet because plant-derived is of markedly lower nutritional value than animal-derived protein.

Damien O'Connor:

We ask the Minister of Agriculture whether he plans to take us for a ride in 2020 plus we sing the praises of the self-styled Prince of the Provinces, Shane Jones, as he puts the boot into "eco bible bashing" climate change activists.

Emma Higgins:

Is a Rabobank Dairy Analyst and the author of a new report on dairy farm prices - Afloat but drifting backwards - a look at dairy land values over the next five years. Plus she says Rabobank is forecasting an average farmgate milk price of $6.25kg/MS over the next five years.

Winston Peters:

The Deputy PM and NZ First leader has lost none of his bark over the break despite posting 'cutesy' animal social media shots of this dog Beau - in what he claims is not shameless electioneering!


Listen below: