The first of the 2019-2020 shearing sports season's eight competitions in the Northern region will be held at the Kaikohe A, P and I Show on Saturday.

It incorporated the first 2020 round of the ANZ Northland Shearing Competition which is now in its third season. The event is credited with doubling the numbers of entries in the shearing, which was a popular attraction at the shows despite being short of entries.

Series co-founder and Northern Wairoa A and P Show president Richard Alspech said entries increased immediately at some of the shows when the series started in 2018, which was aimed particularly at getting Northland shearers to do more of the competitions in the region, rather than, as was often the case, just the "local show".

There was also immediate increased spectator interest, with people going to shows they had never been to before, to support their team "just like it was the rugby team" said Alspech.


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Points for each of the teams, which represent each show, are based on the performances of the individuals during across the Open, Senior, Intermediate and Junior grades at each show.

It started at Warkworth last March and ends with a final at the Kumeu show on the second weekend of March. The first final was won by the Northern Wairoa show team, and Warkworth won last year.

Organiser Kevin Boyd said he'd been told there could be three teams from Warkworth, indicating more growth in the competition. However, he conceded he wouldn't know for sure how teams were stacking up until the events "on the day".

The series is expected to feature Open-class shearers Phil Wedd, representing Warkworth, and Neville Osborne, representing Northern Wairoa, but also judging during the day after being presented with his badge last season.

Shearing competitions in the Northern region, including those in the ANZ Northland Shearing Competition:

January 18: Kaikohe A, P and I Show (ANZ Northland Shearing Competition), at Kaikohe Showgrounds and Equestrian Centre. Shearing starts at 10.30am.

The shearing competitions in the Northern Region are:


February 1: North Kaipara A and P Show (ANZ Northland Shearing Competition), at Paparoa. Shearing starts at 10.30am.

February 8: Northern Wairoa A and P Show (ANZ Northland Shearing Competition), at Arapohue, Dargaville. Shearing starts at 10am.

February 15: North Hokianga A and P Show, at Broadwood. Shearing starts at 10.30am.

February 16: Counties Shears (ANZ Northland Shearing Competition), Franklin A and P Show, at Pukekohe. Shearing starts at 9.30am.

March 14: Kumeu Agricultural and Horticultural Show (ANZ Northland Shearing Competition), at Kumeu. Shearing starts at 9am.

March 21: Warkworth A and P Show (ANZ Northland Shearing Competition), at Warkworth. Shearing starts at 10.30am.

April 10-11: Royal Easter Show, at ASB Showgrounds, Auckland. Shearing starts at 10.30am.