Levin Sale was strong on all types of stock after good recent rain.

4 day calves $30-$230. Sheep — Rams $60-$90, ewes $50-$145, 2th wthrs $138, lambs — fat $150-$180, store lambs $80-$120. Cattle — F/H ylg steers $1000-$1230, xbred $700-$800, ylg F/H hfrs $800-$1000, wnrs $400-$530.

David Haworth 027 450 4133, Margaret Morgan 021 252 1977.



Vendors with better bred cattle enjoyed a buoyant day while poorer sorts struggled Darryl Harwood of NZ Farmers Livestock said.

2 year Friesian bulls 485kg $2.80/kg, Speckle Park cross bulls 488kg $2.95/kg.

2 year Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 455kg $2.75/kg and Friesian heifers 485kg $2.41/kg.

18 month Friesian-Hereford cross steers 406kg $3.03/kg.

Yearling Hereford Friesian cross steers 170 kg-215 kg $3.44/kg-$3.71/kg, Angus cross steers 400kg $3/kg and cross bred steers 185kg $2.49/kg.

Yearling Friesian-Hereford cross bulls 305kg-435kg made $2.62/kg-$2.99/kg, Angus cross bulls 298kg $2.62/kg, Murray Grey cross bulls 435kg $2.99/kg. Friesian bulls 277kg $2.56/kg, cross bred bulls 260kg $2.35/kg.

Yearling Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 194kg-216kg $3.28/kg-$3.87/kg, Angus cross heifers 206kg-382kg $2.98/kg-$3.40/kg and Simmental cross heifers 170kg-305kg $2.54/kg-$3.24/kg. South Devon cross heifers 230kg $2.83/kg, cross bred heifers 288kg $2.12/kg.


Weaner Friesian-Hereford cross steers 90kg-150kg $410 — $560 and Angus cross steers 115 kg $540.

Weaner Friesian bulls 79kg-167 kg made $240-$560, Hereford Friesian cross bulls 87kg $450 and Angus cross bulls 189kg $635. Speckle Park cross bulls 92kg $470 and cross bred bulls 105kg-112 kg $280 -$475.

Weaner Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 110kg $480 and Angus cross heifers 120kg-122 kg $445-$450.

Friesian boner cows 480kg-505kg $1.86/kg-$1.97/kg and cross bred boners 472kg-576kg $1.74/kg-$1.86/kg. Friesian-Hereford cross bull calves $305-$390, Friesian-Hereford cross heifer calves $355.