Okaihau College might well be unique in offering its students the chance to join a hunting and fishing club, but teacher Nick Fulton, who runs the club, says it is a very good investment, not only in the students but the community as a whole.

"If you want your kids to stay in the area in the future, get them into their hunting and fishing," he said in last week's school newsletter.

"If you are into your outdoor sports then you will see we truly live in paradise.

"I have never seen activities that unite families more. In a lot of our competitions there will three generations out and actively involved," he said.


"Leave the couch and Play-Station behind and hit the hills and beach. Hunt and fish hard, and remember, stay safe."

The final competition of the year was for the biggest boar, Caleb Pepper pipping Danny and Brad Sturge's 126lb catch with a well-earned 135lb specimen, which earned him a Uniden walkie talkie pack.

"Combined with the more than $2000 worth of prizes the hunters got from last term's Big 3 competition, Santa has an excuse to be a bit late with his stocking this year," Mr Fulton said.

He was also pleased to see Max Thomas, another one to keep an eye on next year, place third with a 112lb boar, to finish a year of consistent results.

"And spare a thought for the mums, dads, uncles and family friends who, while you were tucked up in bed, were still out pounding the hills with the kids until the wee hours of the morning over the weekend," Mr Fulton added.

"Huge thanks to them for getting out and doing the hard yards.

"Hunters put in some massive hours, and plenty of smaller pigs were caught. There were also plenty of stories of packs that needed one more holder to arrive on the scene before the biggest boar anyone has ever laid eyes on broke, never to be seen again. Ahhhhh yes, glad the fathers are teaching the art of spinning a good yarn at an early age!"

The competition results were combined with previous scores to determine who would win the top hunter trophy, which would go to "a thoroughly deserving" Danny Sturge, although it had been a close-run thing, beating Caleb by 8lbs, with the rest of the pack not far behind.


"Every year the competitions have been more fiercely contested than ever, and next year is shaping up to be a cracker. It was particularly pleasing to see the girls out representing again. Club stalwarts such as Tylah Ratahi, Lilly-Grace Hanley-Dadson and Bohemia Sanders were joined this year by newcomers Grace Sanders and Ashleigh Jobe to fly the flag for females."