This week on The Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay caught up with Rabobank's Blake Holgate who discussed the bank's latest Global Animal Protein Outlook 2020 report.

This week's top interviews were:

Jane Smith:

Is a North Otago farmer and former winner of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards who wants to 'Factsinate' urban New Zealand.


Jacinda Ardern:

We ask the PM whether she yearns for the good old days of FPP when it was just Labour v National and no errant coalition partners to contend with.

Jim Hopkins:

Is rural raconteur who takes umbrage and finds nothing amusing at all in Chloe Swarbrick's comments that, although she loves farmers, she wants to retrain the poor misguided souls into new career options.

Blake Holgate:

Is a Rabobank analyst who today wears his animal proteins analyst hat to discuss the bank's just-released Global Animal Protein Outlook 2020 report.

Simon Bridges:

We talk to a buoyant MP for Tauranga who reckons he's in with a good shout to be our next Prime Minister as he looks to cash in on the controversy surrounding the former MP for Tauranga.


Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent updates the terrible bush fire situation and says a brief respite this week could be the calm before the storm.

Listen below: