Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay and Rowena Duncum are excited about the start of the first cricket test series this summer and the debut of Bay Oval.

On with the show:

Simon Bridges:

We talk to a buoyant MP for Tauranga who reckons he's in with a good shout to be our next Prime Minister as he looks to cash in on the controversy surrounding the former MP for Tauranga.


Murray Taggart:

The Alliance Group Chairman comments on a strong result for the country's largest processor and exporter of sheep and lamb products, as the red meat industry goes from strength to strength off the back of African Swine Fever.

Peter Newbold:

The GM of PGG Wrightson Real Estate takes his monthly look at the rural market, where the dairy sector remains in doldrums but there is strong interest in the horticulture and arable farms.

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Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent updates the terrible bush fire situation and says a brief respite this week could be the calm before the storm.

Tony Marshall:

Is a tax expert with Findex, our accounting partner here on The Country, and today we tackle the topic of LPs. No they're not large vinyl records played at 33rpm in the 1970s by your parents, rather it's a term for a Limited Partnership, a relatively new ownership structure that has some advantage over limited liability companies and partnerships.


Listen below: