About $7.2 million was turned over in five hours of selling at a live wool auction held at the New Zealand Agricultural Show in Christchurch last week.

A quality offering of mainly fine wool was very well supported. Some growers held their wool back for the sale and were well rewarded from a strong bench of buyers which included a major Australian buying company, PGG Wrightson Wool's South Island sales team said.

There was standing room only in the viewing gallery as the commercial event attracted wide interest from growers to the general public.

Crossbred fleece (31 to 35 micron) was up 2% - 4%, while crossbred second shear was 2% dearer.


Mid micron fleece lifted 4 per cent - 6 per cent while merino fleece was 5% -8% dearer.

A range of prices:

The Gorge Pastoral Ltd (Oturehua), three bales super fine merino hogget 5A, 15.6 micron, 71.6% yield, 1750 greasy, 2444 clean; Hummock Run Ltd (Waikouaiti), three bales medium merino hogget 4A, 17.3 micron, 71.9% yield, 1590 greasy, 2211 clean; Lindis Downs (Tarras), one bale merino hogget 5A, 16.9 micron, 74% yield, 1585 greasy, 2142 clean; Invernia Holdings (Oamaru), nine bales merino 4A, 15.5 micron, 71.3% yield, 1740 greasy, 2440 clean; Taylor T/A Riverrun (Wanaka), three bales medium merino hogget 4A, 17.1 micron, 70.2% yield, 1490 greasy, 2123 clean; Rocky Ridge Farm Ltd (Oturehua), six bales medium merino 3A, 17 micron, 75.9% yield, 1690 greasy, 2227 clean; S and J Mulholland Ltd (Ranfurly), two bales extra fine merino hogget 4A, 15.3 micron, 69.8% yield, 1570 greasy, 2249 clean; J K McArthur (Clyde), one bale extra fine merino 5A, 76.8% yield, 1830 greasy, 2383 clean; Highland Farming Co Ltd (Lawrence), 20 bales Perendale hogget AA, 30.9 micron, 77.1% yield, 540 greasy, 700 clean; D C Larsen and Co (Lawrence), 14 bales crossbred hogget AA, 30.2 micron, 72.7% yield, 487 greasy, 670 clean; Greer Farm Partnership (Ranfurly), 13 bales medium Romney hogget AA, 32 micron, 77.4% yield, 466 greasy, 602 clean; Closeburn Station (Ranfurly), three bales fine Corriedale hogget 3A, 21.5 micron, 66.8% yield, 1240 greasy, 1856 clean; Rocky Ridge Farm Ltd, three bales extra fine halfbred hogget AA, 20.2 micron, 74.7% yield, 1490 greasy, 1995 clean, and four bales fine halfbred AA, 20 micron, 78.8% yield, 1440 greasy, 1827 clean.