Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay asked New Zealand First Minister Shane Jones if he was going to apologise for calling farmers "rednecks" at yesterday's 50 Shades of Green protest march.

On with the show:

Shane Jones:

"I'm mātua Shane Jones, if you're going to shout over me you're never ever going to win". And with those words the gloves came off at the 50 Shades of Green protest march in Wellington yesterday.


Jeremy Rookes and Stu Loe:

We ask today's farming panel if they're, in the words of mātua Shane, rednecks?

Don Carson:

The PR Man for the New Zealand Forest Owners Association goes in to bat for his industry after yesterday's protest rally against it and we ask if Shane Jones was out of order calling farmers "rednecks"?

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Craig Wiggins:

We track down one of New Zealand's rural sports commentators at day three of the New Zealand Agricultural Show at Christchurch.

Listen below: