Today on The Country, the team said farewell and thanks to Andy Thompson who has helped run the show in Jamie Mackay's absence.

On with the show:

Andrew Hoggard:

We get the Vice President of Federated Farmers' thoughts on the Zero Carbon bill and whether he thinks the Government will listen to the 17,500 submissions made on the Essential Freshwater plan.


Simon Bridges:

Andy Thompson tried to get the Opposition leader to tell him whether the National Party will support the Zero Carbon Bill.

Cameron Bagrie:

Today the independent economist discussed next week's OCR announcement and whether banks should use personal characteristics to discern suitability for loans.

Jessie Waite:

The team catch up with Jessie Waite from Federated Farmers who is attending the New Plymouth Ag Proud barbecue.

Don Carson:

Our freelance rural commentator has a look at whether the North and South Islands should be treated as two separate countries for biosecurity purposes.


Chris Russell:

Today our Australian correspondent talked about whether every second kilogram of Aussie beef in China is fake and a new drought package released today.

Listen below: