Twenty nine gardens will be open to the public to teach sustainable living in Taranaki.

The Taranaki Sustainable Backyard Trail is running for its fifth year. This year, the trail features talks, demonstrations and garden tours.

Garden hosts will hold tours around their properties and share their knowledge and enthusiasm for their gardens.

The Taranaki Sustainable Backyard Trail offers a range of examples of what everyone can do to reduce their impact on the environment and get involved with their community.


These include solar panels and bio-intensive vegetable production.

The trail includes talks and demonstrations on a range of topics including seed saving, owning an electric vehicle and maximising space in an urban garden.

Steve Francis, General Manager of event organisers Sustainable Taranaki, says this is a great way for people to found out what practical steps they can take towards a more sustainable Taranaki.

"Last year 5000 garden visits were recorded, even with a very wet festival season. This shows there is great interest in our community for doing their part and working towards living a more low carbon, sustainable lifestyle."

Sustainable Taranaki will be continuing its collaboration with the Taranaki Garden Festival with the Backyard Trail gardens featured in their programme.

To find out about this year's Trail visit the event website or the Taranaki Sustainable Backyard Trail Facebook page.

■ Taranaki Sustainable Backyard Trail: November 1-10.