Last season, despite a wet start, the Wairarapa trap cropping went very well and no pea weevil were detected.

Over the winter, soak testing of pea seed harvested throughout New Zealand continued and no pea weevil were detected.

Now the crucial 2019/20 growing season for peas is about to begin.

MPI met with pea growers a few weeks ago to discuss the response and plan trap cropping for this season.


Fifteen trap crops will be planted around the previous hot spots to give us enough confidence to catch any pea weevil.

The current Controlled Area Notice remains in force and advertising in social media and print publications has started to remind people the ban on growing peas is still in place. Please remind visitors to the Wairarapa, especially those with holiday homes in the area, that the ban is still in place.

If, as we expect, the trap cropping detects no pea weevil at the end of the 2019/20 season the response will end successfully.

After three years of outstanding support from Wairarapa growers and community we now have (hopefully) on six months to go and we can't afford to stumble at the last hurdle.

The Controlled Area Notice remains in force, please remind friends and neighbours that growing peas or moving pea straw into the Wairarapa is still prohibited.

If you see growing peas or seeds for sale please call 0800 80 99 66.