This week on The Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay caught up with Rabobank's Senior Horticulture Analyst Roland Fumasi, to find out if New Zealand kiwifruit can crack the US market.

This week's top interview are:

Jane Smith:

Is a North Otago farmer and a former winner of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards, who's up in arms over protesters up in arms! In response she has come up with "Smasher Smith's Protest List" - a list of things she wants to protest against.


Roland Fumasi:

Is a Californian-based Rabobank Senior Horticulture Analyst who comments on New Zealand Kiwifruit claiming its place in the US market and why California is the fruit bowl of the nation.

Dr Rosie Bosworth:

Is a food futurist who agrees with the RethinkX Think Tank that is predicting major technology-driven disruption in food and agriculture in the next decade, including the collapse of the dairy and cattle industries by 2030, as animal meat and milk is replaced by cheaper, higher quality food made from manufacture protein.

Simon Bridges:

We compare National's leader to Elvis but who are the equivalent comparisons for Jacinda, Winston, James, Shane and Eugenie. Plus we look at the Budget surplus and where Grant Robertson should be spending it.

Listen below: